This page gives FAQs, instructions, and videos for students and parents on how to use this site for all Tree of Life courses and evaluation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

General / Student Accounts

Q: I signed up/paid for a Tree of Life course. What do I do? Where do I get my stuff?

Q: I forgot my username and/or password. What do I do?

Q: I just want to download/print my course outline and do as little on the computer as possible. Can I just send all of my assignments at the end of the year when I'm done?

Q: Why is there a number of days in my class before deactivation?

Q: What if I need more time than the maximum number of days in the class?

Q: Can other Tree of Life students see my email address or contact information?

Q: Can other Tree of Life students see my name printed anywhere, or view my account picture or bio, if added?

Courses and Assignments/Tests

Q: How do I send assignments for evaluation?

Q: Can I still send assignments to

Q: What if I'm finishing a course I started last year?

Q: Why can't I just email my assignments to the evaluator like before?

Q: Can I send an assignment from a MAC computer?

Q: Do I need to label my assignment file with "name_course_assignment"?

Q: Can I complete my assignment on paper instead?

Q: But how can I send assignments or tests with mathematical calculations?

Q: Can I send more than one file for a single assignment?

Q: My assignment is a fillable pdf form. How does it work?

Q: Can I do part of my test and then finish it tomorrow?

Q: What if I need to redo an assignment or essay?

Q: Where can I see my comments and marks?

Q: When is my assignment due?

Q: Where can I find the Tree of Life Student Handbook?



Quick How-to Videos to get you started:


1. How to Create a Student Account

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2. How to Get into your Courses

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3. How to Send an Assignment

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4. How to use PDF form files for certain Tests and Assignments

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Parents, did you know that you can create a parent account for monitoring your child's coursework, marks, and evaluator comments? Here's how:

1. Have your child login to their account.

2. Click on "Users" on the left side of the screen.

3. Choose "Catalog".

4. Click on "Invite Parents".

5. Enter your email address. You don't need to enter first/last names. This will send you an email invitation to create a parent account.  Note: you must enter a different email address from the one used for any student accounts of your children (otherwise, your student will identified as a parent).